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Card of organization Zhukov Hotel Omsk

1. Organization information:
Full name: "BUGS HOTEL" LLC "Th"-Start
Short name: "BUGS HOTEL" LLC "Th"-Start
2. Address details:
Legal address: 644042, Omsk, K. Marx Ave, 18/1, of. 220
Postal address: 644042, Omsk, K. Marx Ave, 18/1, of. 220
Postal address: 644046, Omsk, Mayakovsky St. corner M. Zhukov, 18/105
The phone number (with zip code): +7 /3812/ 58-06-58
Fax (zip code):
E-mail (electronic mail):
The address of the web site:
Full name and passport data of the head: Ovchinnikova Tatyana
Name and passport details of the Chief accountant: Zhigunova Natalia
3. Information on statement on the account in tax body of the Russian Federation and information on the production activities and financial condition:
Creation date: 10.05.2012
With videolist of registration in the Unified state register th aw entities (date, number, issuing authority): 10.05.2012 No. 55 series No. 003635313
Company card P. C issued: 5504 (IFTS of Russia №2 on the Central city of Omsk)
Bin 1125543031580
INN /KPP 5504231768/550401001
OKPO 09464304
The size of the share capital: 10000
Activity in accordance with the Provision of mediation services, founder and documents and related real estate
Settlement account: No. 40702810904000002181
Correspondent account: no 30101810500000000816
The name and address of the Bank PJSC "Promsvyazbank", Novosibirsk, 630099, Novosibirsk, street serebrennikovskaya, 37A
Code BIC 045004816
Okogu 4210014
OKATO 52401382000
NACE 70.3
4. Information on the Manager on whose behalf the contract is made:
Name: Ovchinnikova Tatyana
Position: Director
Based on what works: Charter
Contact phone: +7-913-14-99-567
Fax: -
5. Contact person:
Position, name, phone it, E-mail: Old Yulia V., +7 3812 909-567

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Улица Маршала Жукова 105/18, г. Омск
Marshala Zhukova 105/18, Omsk
mobile +7 (913) 969-80-82
phone +7 (3812)58-06-58 — official website «Zhukov Hotel»
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