We will give the newlyweds a fabulous end to the wedding day - a bridal room in a boutique hotel!

In the process of preparing for your most important day, every couple is waiting for many reasons for concern. Let us take care of where you can truly relax and relax, because the first night as a spouse is an important and very exciting moment for the newlyweds. The staff of our hotel perfectly understands the delicacy of this event, therefore, we will do our best to ensure that in the walls of our rooms you spend unforgettable hours and fully enjoyed each other in a climate of comfort, romance and complete solitude. Especially for the newlyweds, a small but very cozy room, which we will decorate with petals, light candles and prepare a sweet surprise - this is a wedding gift to the newlyweds from the leadership - sparkling champagne and fruit. In the morning you will be waited by a delicious breakfast with a cup of strong tea or natural aromatic coffee, plus one more compliment - late departure.

Svadebnyi Nomer Omsk
Svadebnyi Nomer Omsk1
Nomer Dlya Molodozhenov Shik
Svadba V Omske
Svadba V Omske 2

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Улица Маршала Жукова 105/18, г. Омск
Marshala Zhukova 105/18, Omsk
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Уважаемые гости, выбирая Zhukov Hotel, вы в безопасности. Ведь в Zhukov Inn нет большого скопления людей, как в крупных сетевых гостиницах.

Команда Zhukov Inn принимает МАКСИМАЛЬНЫЕ дополнительные меры для дезинфекции помещения:

  • В каждом номере имеются антисептики для обработки рук персонала и посетителей.
  • Установлены ультрафиолетовые бактерицидные облучатели.
  • Проводится ежедневный контроль температуры сотрудников.

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